About Us

PRO is a non profit organisation, with its focus on Professionalism, giving you our client, direct access to some of the best qualified therapists in the area.  All our practitioners have a minimum of ten years practice based experience, which offers a high level of experience, professional practice and safety. Over the last thirty years we have built an enviable reputation and facilitated hundreds of placements for therapists. Not all make the grade but many have become some of the most professional, well respected and accomplished therapists in the area. We feel a sense of pride in knowing they are still part of our team working out of various location in and around Somerset and some further afield


Paulette Montroe

Paulette has been working with Children, Young People and Adults for over thirty years since she started her work with our organisation and places very high importance on the therapeutic relationship where there is the freedom for you to express yourself in a supportive and non-judgmental environment. Apart from being a well respected Counsellor, Paulette also works as a Supervisor, qualifying in 2008, supervising other counsellors, therapists, along with safeguarding team members and Managers. 

Paulette also offers EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing) EMDR is an excellent choice for clients seeking an alternative to talking therapies. EMDR can be used for different types of trauma, depression, anxiety and many more problems. This therapy has an 8 phase approach and as your therapist she will guide you through the process. Sessions are longer than normal and last up to 90mins. It is preferable that sessions are at least weekly and you prepare some self-care and down time after sessions. Sessions are offered in Weston Super Mare, to contact directly telephone 07970 642965

 Jane Kershaw

Jane offers a warm, approachable service within a discreet, safe & comfortable environment enabling clients to explore their concerns, anxieties or worries at their own pace. As a Person Centred Therapist her work is non directive. Each person has their own motivation for positive change and if allowed to explore that motivation in a safe, non judgmental environment, then positive change can occur.

Janes role assists clients in finding their own answers and solutions that are unique to them and their experience, to realise their own potentiality. Jane now has over 30 years experience and continues to progress with counselling in other organisations, also taking GP referrals, along with working with Employees Assistance Programmes and her private practice, which offers both short and long term counselling over a broad range of issues and circumstances. 

Counselling sessions are offered in Sea Mills & Whitchurch* in Bristol.  Zoom and WhatsApp sessions and some home visits are available. Contact Jane directly 07899 784282

Chris Farthing Chris is the CEO of PRO and has a demonstrated history of business planning, marketing, clinical research and has written many clinical governance documents. She has built an enviable reputation and well respected practice over the last 30 years, with high standards of ethical practice. Chris managed the first CBT contract for the NHS in 2005 and delivered CBT therapy to GP practices and mental health units in Somerset and surrounding areas. She continued to develop the practice introducing video therapy in early 2011, enabling the practice to expand and offer international sessions, making PRO one of the first practices to use this form of remote therapy accessible globally. She has a proven track record of building professional teams of eclectic therapists, whilst pioneering the delivery of many of the new therapeutic models within a safe clinical structure, from CBT, EMDR, Mindfulness and more recently, completing training in New York as a Psychedelic Assisted Integration Therapist. Chris is mainly non practicing, but has trained in such a wide variety of therapeutic models with accreditation’s in Psychotherapy, CAT, Life Coaching and Mindfulness, along with PICT Inner Child Therapy which enables her to shape the practice with an eclectic style, thats more organic and moves with the ever changing world and its presenting problems.

Penny Parks –  (1943 – 2020) Penny was a trainer and patron of PRO and creator of Parks Inner Child Therapy (PICT and a big part of our organisation). A pioneer and expert in the field of childhood abuse (recognition, treatment and training) – having developed the first stand-alone Inner Child method of therapy. Penny has trained many of our therapists who continue to offer this effective for of therapy. We continue to value the use of these extremely effective therapeutic models and are grateful for her extensive involvement with our practice. 

She was born in America (1943) and lived in the UK since 1982 up to her death in 2020. Her work with survivors of abuse in England evolved into two books; the PICT Trauma & Abuse Specialist Skills Training course and various workshops.

Books – Rescuing the ‘Inner Child’ (1990, Souvenir Press) – a self-help publication and The Counsellor’s Guide to Parks Inner Child therapy (1994, Souvenir Press). Both books have continuously remained in print.

We are members of BABCP NCP UKCP HCPC BACP.